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Garnishing these elegant white cupcakes are buttercream icing and my hand-made gumpaste roses. Made petal by petal and accented with leaves, these can be added as a beautiful finish to just about any dessert.

Rose Cupcakes


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A series of wedding cakes designed with a “circa 1920” theme in mind. It is a home-style feel with fresh flowers.

Top View Old Fashioned Icing

Old Fashioned Icing

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Done for the 12th celebration of Jordan’s adoption into his new family, this white cake with buttercream filling has a fun and playful ocean theme.

Ocean Cake

Ocean Cake Back

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Graduation Cake

As May is quickly coming to an end, everywhere you look graduation decorations and cards are popping up all over the place. Here is a picture of a graduation cake I recently did.

Graduation Cake

Here is a detail shot of one of the panels of the hexagon cake.

Detail Panel

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As a thank you for all the hard work the parent helpers did in my mother’s classroom this past schoolyear, I made them a tasty dessert. Inside the terracotta pot is a white cake layered with fresh strawberries and buttercream icing. The flowers are sugar cookies decorated with royal icing.

Flower Pot Dessert

Here is a close up… The grass is done with buttercream and a grass tip. I liked the look of this better than using oreo or graham crackers crumbs to resemble dirt.

Flower Pot Dessert Close Up

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PKU Event

Jenna and Lisa at PKU event

Lisa and I had the wonderful opportuntity to work at an event designed to help those who have PKU (Phenylketonuria) enjoy foods that have little or no protein. Together we ran the cupcake decorating booth. We showed children and adults different techniques on how to decorate cupcakes. The night was so enjoyable and I am so blessed to have been a part of this event! Here are some pictures from the event.

Demonstrating Buttercream roses

Demonstrating frosting roses

little girl about to enjoy her cupcake

cupcake designs

Here are some of the cupcakes that were decorated that night

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